Another exciting feature added this year at a effort

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Another exciting feature added this year at a effort to differentiate Madden players is the addition of Madden player archetypes into Madden Ultimate Team. There are a few elements that are noteworthy to Madden player archetypes, starting to craft distinct Madden player OVR calculations for every archetype. Up until this point, we have had to use one OVR formulation for each place, and that made things hard as it came to stains such as linebacker and tight end. Now that we've got archetypes, we will be able to better differentiate a Vertical Threat TE versus a Blocking T. or a Speed Rushing OLB versus a Pass Coverage OLB

We will use Madden participant archetypes to appropriately provide skills. So, for instance, a Field General QB won't have Escape Artist, which allows QBs with that capability to quickly move from the pocket to prevent the rush and, conversely, a Scrambling QB will not have access to Pocket Deadeye, that gives QBs perfect death with their toes set inside the pocket. Choosing what you need on the field has never been as important as it's going to be in Madden NFL 20.

House Rules at Madden NFL 19 was well-received by the community, and we're extremely grateful for the favorable reception. In Madden NFL 20, House Rules will be accessible once more nearer to start. We are eager to provide more flexibility to what we can offer via House Rules, such as dropping you into a overtime scenario for a condensed and much more efficient play experience, for example. Stay tuned for our gameplay flow on 5/23 for more of the inside scoop on changes and additions you'll find in Madden NFL 20.

The"Superstar X-Factor" feature this year is really dope. Basically it is Madden's version of"catching fire," and it's really cool. It's an added coating to Madden gameplay that does not go over the top, but recognizes that celebrity Madden players put into zones and completely wreck havoc. What's really nice to see is that they don't ensure it is easy for a celebrity to get in the zone. I love that.

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