The only real way casuals are likely gont encounter

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And I quote"The only real way casuals are probably gonna experience anything but MC is when guilds are well targeted and can kill them easily down a lot of people, at which point they will empty the gold reserves of casuals empty for some boss kills, trading them any of the useless stuff for an extra price(I expect them to get a nice small JPEG ready with their costs to each individual thing they're eager to sell if it drops:P)"I mean mate learn to read, this is a rather small chunk of my big post, but it is very much there. In terms of your entire debate, it's not content, there's literally not a single successful game ever where it has been defined as fun that the only way you can experience content is by allowing others do it for you while you sit there and watch.

You may point to cover to win pay or practices to bypass grind clinics. In the cases people buy either those services to really do the content to arrive in the first place or to become viable in engaging in it. You buy the op characters to play , not for WoW Classic to perform itself, you also buy the op weapons to perform with them to not simply own them and you most definetly do not bypass difficult grinds to not play what's in the end of it to get to the good parts. By definition purchasing raid runs is bypassing content to do nothing, maybe you fork over enough to get a few actually excellent things, but also you as a casual will probably utilize them for nothing as you won't raid still without paying for it, you won't succeed in the unbalanced PvP without moving hardcore and world content apart from grinds for equipment worse than you paid for is nearly non existant.

(In today's game it makes a lot more sense, as achievments have direct value, buying a +10 guarantees a 410 item, higher equipment is much more relevant to casuals due to casual material levels and pvp mounts present ).People can find their own fun in Classic as casuals(leveling dungeons, twinking, farming actual world upgrades slowly, attempting to do wpvp in lower level zones) but paying for raid carries is not enjoyable, and doesn't lead to fun barring the most loot whoriest people. This is not MY opinion, but I dare you to locate real vanilla gamers who paid for a raid carry back in the afternoon and found it enjoyable (hint, you could watch a movie of it, at least the man in your screen is gont be actually contributing.) ?

You really don't begin your comment. but here ya go. And I quote"The only real way casuals are likely gont encounter anything but MC is if guilds are well geared and can kill down them a lot of people, at which stage they will empty the gold reserves of casuals vacant for some boss kills, trading them some of those useless stuff for an excess price(I expect them to have a nice little JPEG ready with their prices for each individual item they are willing to sell if it drops:P)"isn't a point of contention concerning how casuals could enjoy WoW Classic. Its like you do not even know what it is you're talking about and are just shilling as much bad news as possible to attempt to seem as if you've got a point.

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