Sweet Maker: A Good Time Killer with Candy Crush Twist

21-12-2017 04:37 - Geschreven door wxs930

At first sight of sweet maker I can see it’s a clone of candy crush, I’ve played through a few levels and at the moment I can’t see any difference between sweets maker and candy crush.


From experience I have seen clone games do very well but you just need a slight difference from the original and will take A LOT of good marketing to top Candy Crush.


The gameplay experience overall is beautiful. I love the wheel type scrolling to scroll through the levels, the music suits very well and interchange very nicely when selecting other parts of the game.


The landscapes on the level wheel of scrolling is beautiful, all the difference scenes are very awesome, as I am not sure about this but I think for every difference environment that you reach, the background within the gameplay itself should change (this could already be done, but as I have not made it past those levels I do not know)

Although it could do with some difference to Candy Crush to make it stand out a lot more.


A slight difference you could add would be maybe add difference style of gameplay or a difference power-up, maybe give away free power ups every ‘x’ amount of hours, to get people enjoying the gameplay and coming back to play instead of playing Candy Crush.


I think for now you should make it a FREE TO PLAY game for now, and don’t have people using lives when you don’t have many people playing it. But a way you could make some money onto it,   is by the power ups, give of free power ups every certain amount of hours but then make power  up packs where they can buy ‘x’ amount from the store.


Once you start getting a lot of people playing, then start monetizing the game, start introducing lives but don’t just bring in 1 update where it becomes pay-to-play, introduce that slowly so you fans don’t go oh and quit altogether, they slowly are brought into a pay-to-play environment.


Maybe add in a difference type of power, where it destroys everything in a diagonal line instead or horizontal and vertical.


Make sure you have turned notifications on the game, for when someone has received full lives, or received a free power if you add this feature.


Basically my whole point to get a big following on this game would be start slow and small, build your audience then monetize them. It will be hard to catch true fans right of the bat when it’s a pay-to-play, but making games free-to-play then turning them into pay-to-play, you will lose ‘players’ but you will keep true fans.


I feel that everyone who plays Candy Crush will love this game, you could use advertise on Facebook targeting people who like Candy Crush and they could play this game when their lives run out on Candy Crush.


After playing for a bit longer I have found a difference, which is the pink jelly thing, I call it the duplicator, as it duplicates whatever you swap into it, which is a very nice difference although it wasn’t very explained.

I will leave a 5 star review on this game for you.


I would also like to let you know I do own a social media marketing agency and if you need help advertising and all that stuff I would be glad to help you out, just message me back on fivers if you are interested and we will go from there.

enjoy, hope all works out well (:


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