Do you really know these tips for Talking Tom Pool?

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Recently, Outfit7 has released the latest game of the Talking Tom series on the iOS and Android platforms: Talking Tom Pool. Unlike in the past, in this game, your goal is to use two or more of the same color of floaties, by changing their speed and direction, and completing the match to clear the character. The game can earn COINS and keys, keys can be used to repair scenic spots, and build a large water park. There are different ways to clean and upgrade the pool.




When you fail, you get a heart less, a heart that takes less than 15 minutes, or you can recover by paying for it. Therefore, if you want to get through it early, you need to master the following skills:


1. Think patiently

Each level has the limit of moving steps, but there is no time limit, so do not rush when matching floaties, and eliminate the floaties which is very close to each other in the swimming pool and can be easily matched.




Each step should be eliminated at least once, or it will waste your steps. You only need to match the same color of the two floaties, if there is a third one that can be used as a striker, you can eliminate more at once and clear the pool faster.


2. Observe the obstacles

When a floaty is moving quickly, it is likely to cause more trouble because of obstacles that cause the floaty to go further. So before releasing floaty, observe the location of the obstruction, control the direction and speed (the number in front of the arrow indicates the current speed, the three arrows indicate the high speed movement and the two arrows indicate the slow movement), as far as possible to avoid obstacles, so as to accurately to eliminate the object.





Ice is also a hindrance to elimination and must be bumped twice to break it. When there is a trapped floaty in the ice, you have to break it and eliminate it. If there is no floaty inside, you can use it to eliminate other floaties.


3. With Power-Ups

There are two types of power-ups that can be used to match the floats faster: rockets and unicorns.

Click on the rocket engine, then click on the floaty, and all the floaties will be promoted.

Unicorns can turn all floaties into a color so you can eliminate more at once.

But you only have three free power-ups, and after that you have to use coins to buy them, so use them sparingly.


4. Beware of fans

The fan clones floaty when floaty comes into contact with the fan, it produces two of the same types of floaties. So try to avoid the fan, you can control the speed and direction of floaty, or aim at the wall and bounce back to the target.


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Official website: http://www.playmobo.com/talking-tom-pool-64402

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ70FFI7ysSWoKftqok_urQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayMoboInc/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playmobo_inc/

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