Master these tips in the Survivor Royale and you will live to the end

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Survivor Royale is a crazy high quality campaign. You will face up to 100 opponents and only 1 will survive. We will help you achieve this goal by sharing some survival tips and techniques to make you an expert. If your skills are great, I'm sure you will be the winner.


So, do not waste time, let's see what tactics are in Survivor Royale!


Try to land earlier than the others

Landing early is very important, especially if there are other players competing for the same prize. That doesn't mean you have to be the first person to leave the plane - just the first person to arrive at a good landing site.


You can control the direction of your character when you land -- straight down to the ground, like a rocket. Don't worry about when to open the parachute: when you approach the ground, it will open automatically. As the first person to land, make sure you have the chance to get more advanced gear and weed out those who are slow.


Find the best weapon

No matter how many strategies you know, no matter how well you hide, if you don't have a good weapon, it's hard to win.


In my opinion, the best weapons in the game are assault rifles and scope rifles. Assault rifles give you more freedom of movement, and scope rifles make you more useful while you wait.


You may not find a good weapon at first. It doesn't matter, pick up what you have and make good use of them. AK - 47 and M16 are good. If you can find these two guns and use them well, you're not far away from victory.


Keep moving

Unless you observe an enemy nearby, and this enemy is in your line of sight, you can easily shoot from behind the jungle, otherwise you should keep moving. Because the safe area is shrinking, and you are the target of other people, you will be more difficult to hit by moving constantly.


If you can also handle shooting while you are moving, you will gain advantage in close combat, because it is difficult to control when moving, and people often stop to shoot.


Put on headphones

Accurately determining the source of the sound is extremely important in the game, even if you see a visual indicator on the small map, sometimes it's hard to keep up with, so, if possible, try to put on headphones, it also makes you an advantage in the battle, to help you find those steps or the source of the gunshots.


Remember the map of your area

The map is full of resources, whether you're the first person to jump out of a plane or the last one, you have a lot of options. But make sure you know exactly where these buildings are and what you should be searching for in the area.


When you play this game, you must look at a small map of the top right corner. After a few games, you will know where the most resources are on the map. However, those advanced resource areas usually have many people, so in most cases, it is recommended to take out equipment one by one at the most popular areas, preferably after the enemy has eliminated some players.


Close the door behind you

Every player should be aware that after entering the building, close the door behind you and avoid being found by the enemy in the building.


This strategy is very effective at the early stage of the game, and when other players find that the door is closed, they may think that there is no one in the building.


When you're in the building, if someone else opens the door, it makes noise. That way, you'll know they're about to enter. If you hide in a secluded area, you can start shooting at them and then easily eliminate them.


Find a hiding place and make good use of it

The safe zone of the game has been shrinking, and in this process you have to run into the safety zone in time, otherwise it will be poisoned. After entering the safe area, the shrub is a very solid cover, you can squat or lie down, and there are other places that are more conducive to screen, so that you are not easy to be found by the enemy.


You have to use everything around you: hide from the closed door to the height behind the window, behind the fence or on the tree. Find a good place, wait for the enemy. When they appear, let them be caught out of hand. It's better than any other way!


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