'Ever Knight' is the 'Dark Souls' of "Just Make 'Crossy Road', JEEZ"

22-04-2017 14:56 - Geschreven door davidhill

Foolish Mortal is about to punish you with their next game.Ever Knight brings a curious strategic action style to the Crossy Road [Free] genre. It's basically an endless hack and slash, where you can move one space at a time, trying to dice through hordes of enemies. Swordsmen slash at you, spearmen will charge at you with their spears, archers hit you from a distance, and so on.The thing that's interesting is that this is an especially brutal game, with massive hordes of enemies to constantly face down. So, you have to be constantly thinking on your feet, only stopping when no enemies are in your vicinity, because if you stop next to an enemy, you will die. Thankfully, the coins you earn go toward upgrades that increase power drops and give you new abilities. Plus, you unlock various continue points when you hit certain score milestones. Ever Knight is ridiculously brutal, but it won't be brutal on your wallet: it's only {left}.99 without any sight of in-app purchases. Wow. Ever Knight releases on iOS and Android on May 3rd.

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