The Goblin Deadpool

21-04-2017 10:06 - Geschreven door davidhill

Ilove those games that come out of nowhere and surprise you with just how good they actually are. Despite the fact that I enjoyed the first Styx game its sequel wasn’t exactly on my radar, so imagine how pleased I am to report that it’s a whole load of fun. It’s certainly the most surprising game I’ve played this year so far. It’s like getting an unexpected gift from a friend.

As the name suggests Shards of Darkness sees the return of Styx, the foul-mouthed, amber obsessed, occasionally fourth-wall-breaking goblin in all of his glory. This time he manages to get caught up in a plot involving a dangerous new weapon called Quartz and a plot hatched by the elves. The overarching story is nothing special and there are a staggering number of truly awkward dialogues coupled with horrible voice acting, but it’s Styx that makes everything worthwhile, his voice actor clearly enjoying the dark humor that the writers have imbued Styx with. This humor is most evident during game over screens where Styx comes walking out of the darkness to insult the player in a variety of ways, like politely suggesting that the jump button isn’t located in your ass. His fourth-wall-shattering mannerisms make him a sort of goblin Deadpool. It’s just a shame that the supporting cast are completely and utterly forgettable. And one could argue that while Styx is memorable and a lot of fun, he isn’t a deep character nor one that grows throughout the game.

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